Among the expertise we have at Columbia, we are particularly strong at freight handling. This goes back to when I did my freight building training at the FedEx Express Export Warehouse at JFK with prior Flying Tigers Freight Handlers. Hands down, these professionals were the best in the business. Their expertise was not how fast freight could be built, it was all about density, durability, and stowability. Speed was not a factor when the skill set could build one skid as compared to three today with the same freight.

As I travel around the country visiting warehouses, I always pay close attention to the inbound loads, and it’s rare that I see a fully cubed out load that does not even come close to exceeding maximum weights. This is painful to see, especially when there are multiple loads coming from the same origin, it’s just waste, pure and simple. Not to mention the damages (“Oh, Marone,” as my uncle would stay when he saw something not done right). The damages with freight today is as bad as it has ever been. When I think think of the wasted money and customer disappointments it causes, it turns my stomach. Part of our Transportation Economic Audit (TEA) at Columbia looks closely at this. And we have a solution, as outlined here on the website.

I challenge you to walk through your warehouse and take a close look your freight build up operations to include the loading of trailers, or observe the trailers as they roll inbound and the doors open up or roll up. Ask yourself, are you maximizing your cube? Do you have a KPI that includes cost per cube? It’s easy, simply divide the cost of your TL by the cube you put in your trailer and use 3,000 cube as a goal – what is your cost savings if you were getting 3000 cube in your trailers compared to your actual cube? Yes, there are times when you max to a load with weight before cubing out; however, more often than not, plenty of ullage for both weight and cube. Contact us, we would love to be part of your team and execute professional training to create freight building expertise for your organization.