Aircraft Carriers project power. If you have ever been on a carrier or seen one up close, you know what I am talking about. Carriers also are heavily protected by a battle group to ensure the real ability for the aircraft to employ the power. Being in San Diego this week made me think of the U.S. Navy and our Aircraft Carriers. I am here focusing on Home Delivery morning efficiencies to ensure drivers are able to leave the building on schedule to get to their first stop on time.

I consider these drivers projecting a kind of power in the form of service. They depart from a remote facility, far from the home office, and they have a mission to complete – safe, timely deliveries of big ticket items. It’s my belief that the entire organization should be setting these teams up for success and protecting them, same as a battle group. Unfortunately, in the world of home delivery, these teams are often left in the cold.

At the San Diego location I am spending time at this week, no one is left unsupported. We are teaching the leaders here that if they take the role of servant leadership, they make sure their drivers are set up for success. As a result, everyone’s day goes better. Today the day did go well, because we had fewer on-road exceptions. If your organization wants to capture the discretionary effort from front line teams, you have to set them up for success every day! Columbia is expert at such leadership & efficiencies. It’s what we do. Contact us for a review of your front line operations.