Go into any home office of a Fortune 500 company and one constant that you will be aware of is their continuous cost take-out initiatives. Prior to starting Columbia Leadership & Efficiencies, my 30-year career in Transportation & Logistics was split about 50/50 between field and home office assignments. These assignments included world-class organizations such as the U.S. Air Force, FedEx Express, Sears Logistics Services, and Grainger. In working with these companies I have been part of cost take-out initiatives that have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars of savings. When you apply the value of re-investing those savings, the addition to the bottom line goes into billions.

Lets face it, it’s good business to focus on cost take-out and despite all the focus on LEAN, there still seems to be plenty of opportunity to reduce expense. Maybe you are not a Fortune 500 company with expansive resources; however, you have the perspective on your operations where smart cost take-out is possible. Or maybe you have resources, but not the right perspective. I’m referring to the proverbial saying “you can’t see the forest through the trees”. This is the exact reason I started Columbia, my passion for leadership & efficiencies. More importantly, the vision to bring the resources, perspective, and cost take-out to all organizations, not just the Fortune 500.

How would a $1M or more add to the bottom line impact your organization? Where would you re-invest those dollars? Take a look at your transportation spend, now take 10% of that spend and there is your very possible cost take-out number based on my experience. No snake oil here, just the resources, perspective and the experience for smart and savvy cost take-out. Contact me to schedule an assessment.