Hard to argue that an annual physical is not a wise investment in your health. Yes, you know that you eat right, exercise regularly, heck, you quit smoking 20 years ago and it’s the best decision you ever made! However, it’s best to go see your physician and let the tests come back to be sure there is nothing going on behind the scenes. A clean bill of health comes back, great, you can sleep well at night. Or maybe something needs attention, early detection is the key.

Think of a Transportation Economics Audit (TEA) as being no different, something we do at Columbia. Sure, you have all the right processes in place, great people on the team, business is growing, and expenses seem to be in line, right? I mean, naturally expenses would go up if you’re shipping more? Maybe yes, maybe no. Blind spots happen, especially when it becomes very busy. It’s the human condition, nobody is perfect. Maybe you missed out on a conference where you would have met a great carrier that would be a perfect fit for your organization for both service and cost.

I believe you get the gist of this. It’s not an indictment on anyone; however, it can be costly if not caught early and there is an opportunity to be had. If I got you thinking, great, I did my job to start the thought process. The next step is look us up at columbialeader.com or contact me directly via email. There is no company better than Columbia to do this kind of audit. It’s a great time for that check up with peak right around the corner. A minor adjustment now can be become quite the return sooner than you think!